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Rally Driving Birthday Parties in the UK and Ireland Testimonials

My boyfriend is a massive petrol head, so I always know what gifts he wants- the only problem is, all the fancy sports cars he’d love to own are well out of our price range! As much as he’d love to be treated to a knew car, he wouldn’t like me to bankrupt myself in the process of buying one. So instead of buying him a first class engine, I started looking around online to see if there were any places nearby where I could rent a car for him to drive around in on his big day, in addition to the plans I already had in store.

It wasn’t long until I stumbled upon the Rally Nation website. If I just hired any old sports car for him to drive, he’d just be driving around the city centre and wouldn’t be able to let loose and drive the car at the high speeds he would love. Here, he’d be driving an engine specifically designed to drive fast and furious, plus he’d be doing it away from the city- he could push the pedal to the metal all he wanted to! He’d never experienced an off road driving challenge like this before, so I knew it would be a perfect present. There isn’t a single petrol head who wouldn’t have loved this opportunity.

When his birthday arrived, he was absolutely delighted to find out he was going to be getting behind the wheel of a rally car. Going on a wild off road race has always been on his bucket list and he was over the moon that he was finally going to be able to tick it off. When we went down to the rally track, he was excited before he’d even got in his vehicle- he just looked over at the track and when he saw all the mud and dirt acted like a child on Christmas morning. He couldn’t wait to get in his engine to start power sliding around every sharp corner and speed through every puddle!

I waited in the spectator area whilst he zoomed round the track. Every single time his car flew past, he was going at lightning fast speeds- I knew that he had definitely enjoyed this more than he would have enjoyed any old driving challenge. When he came out of the car to meet me a couple of hours later, he was breathless and said that he wants to return for a full-on rally race. He enjoyed it so much, he even said I should get in the driver’s seat next time. I can’t deny that it looked like a lot of fun- so I guess I’ll be booking with Rally nation again and making a return visit!