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Corporate Activities Testimonials

I’m privileged to be the leader of one of the best sales teams in the region- my staff are the most driven team I’ve ever managed and they will stop at nothing to surpass their personal sales targets. As a manager, I couldn’t have got a better team even if I’d asked for one. Unfortunately, in our first quarter this year, the market took a tumble and our sales were badly affected. My team began to start dropping below their targets for the first time. It wasn’t their fault, but I needed to conjure up a plan that would get them bringing home the bacon yet again.

I’ve never had to rely on a sales incentive with the team before, but now seemed like the perfect time to reward the highest achiever on the team. I looked online to find a gift that everybody would want and that they would bend over backwards to get, no matter what the cost! It wasn’t long until I came across the Rally Nation website. I know everybody on the team loved extreme sports, but they were usually too busy with work to be able to take part in any. Now, they’d be able to win a day off and a once in a lifetime experience doing something they’d love.

As soon as I announced this sales incentive to the team, they all sounded excited and were eager to work harder than they were doing before- and they were already working pretty hard before I announced this prize! With two weeks before the winner was announced, they had just ten working days to reverse the company’s fortunes. A couple of days later, I noticed a significant increase in our sales and our stock. Instead of announcing the good news to the team, I decided to extend the deadline an extra week, as we could make up for the poor start to the year in just a few years. All it took was putting a rally driving experience on the table!

When the incentive had finished and the winner had taken his rally nation experience, I decided to announce a second rally nation incentive. The team didn’t want to miss out, plus it was a golden opportunity considering the positive effect it had on our sales. When they found out their colleague had had the time of his life, they were jumping at the chance to go! Thank you to Rally Nation, for a sales incentive that single handedly helped my company turn a profit this year.