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Rally Driving Hen Parties in the UK and Ireland Testimonials

For most people, being named as the chief bridesmaid and getting to plan the hen party is an easy task. All you usually need to do is plan a great girl’s night out- and when you get our group of mates together, a great night out is always guaranteed! The only problem is, my best mate wanted to spend the day before her wedding taking part in a once in a lifetime experience that she would never get the chance to take do after she’d married. It was her final day of freedom and she wanted to go on a wild adventure.

She gave me a gigantic list of activities that she wanted to do. I wanted to create the perfect start to the hen party for her, but I also wanted to make sure I chose something that all the girls would enjoy being a part of. She may have loved it, but I can’t see anybody else in our group wanting to jump out of a plane, or go bungee jumping. When going through the list, I saw that she wanted to try off road racing. I know that a lot of the girls have serious road rage problems, so this would be the perfect way for them to let off some steam, whilst the bride also got the action fix she wanted!

I decided that a rally driving experience would be best for the group. We couldn’t name a single female race car driver, so we knew we had to speed around the track and show the guys what we were made of. I’m tired of men saying that they’re the better drivers; here, we wouldn’t just prove we were better behind the wheel, but we could have tons of fun zooming around the track too. It was the perfect hen party treat!

When the bride’s fiancée found out, he was jealous that we were spending the day on the track. Him and the lads were just spending all the day drinking, whilst we were spending our final day of freedom doing something we’d never get the chance to do again. As soon as we got down to the rally circuit, we found that we’d be going head to head with a group of guys- there was no better way to spend the night before the wedding than to show them who was boss.

I still wasn’t expecting to enjoy rally driving as much as I did. From the moment I strapped myself in I knew I was in for a wild ride; as soon as I pushed the pedals down and headed out skidding and sliding around the track, I felt completely alive. It was the perfect adrenaline rush and the perfect way to start the hen weekend.