From the first working day of the year in January, to the start of December, we try and save as much money in the team fund as possible to make sure we have a cracking Christmas party. We aren’t the type of office to celebrate the festive season by going out for a meal or a few drinks, as we always want to go bigger and better than any other office would ever dream of. We spend most of the year arguing about the activity that we are saving up the money to take part in- the group get very passionate about what they want to do, which is great when you work in sales. They make the company tons of money, so we have plenty left over to take part in anything they want to!

This year, we finally settled on jumping into some rally cars and going on a fast and furious thrill ride. It wasn’t exactly the most Christmassy idea, but the team suggested I should dress up as Santa and they dress up as his elves, so we could add a festive twist. Plus, it is more fun to ride off road in winter than it is during the warmer months; the track will be muddier and dirtier, so we’ll be doing a lot more drifting around every corner!

It was an office tradition to finish work a day early before Christmas, so that whilst other offices were rushing to get everything completed on Mad Friday, we’d be having the time of our lives. This year, it was no different- and when we arrived at the track, we were happy to find that we were going to be the only drivers. With every other racer nearby busy at work, we’d have the track to ourselves and finally answer the important question: which member of our team was the best behind the wheel?

The staff were incredibly friendly and were more than helpful getting us to grips with the engines. They loved our festive clothing, but really wanted to see Santa get beaten by his elves. We’d be doing a few laps each and we’d be measured on a variety of different criteria; speed didn’t matter, but this was still far more challenging than the usual race. But as soon as I was strapped in to the engine, I couldn’t wait to push the pedal to the metal and let loose. As soon as I started moving, I was having the time of my life. I’m never going to be able to drive a car again, as it will just never be as fun as this!